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    Vladimir Kush
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    Sam Wolfe Connelly

    13 new pieces for my show ‘Nocturne’ opening Friday, Feb 8th at Roq La Rue in Seattle, WA

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  5. counting blades of grass to get you off my mind



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    Yin Yang Harmony"

    Artist: Rick Faist

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    Rafal Olbinski


  9. would it kill ya to text/ call/ facebook message/ e-mail/write me a goddamn letter??


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    Jim Warren ~ “All Cats go to Heaven”, 2013


  11. Brewed myself some oolong and now it’s so long, fair well, and good night.


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  13. harshwhimsy:

    Oldest known picture of a sneeze – 1902

    im laughin so fuckin hard

    can you imagine how upset literally everybody in that room musta been after this happened

    it took a long time to take photographs back then i bet there was a collective of nothin but sighing echoing through the room

    it took a long time to take pictures because it took a long time for the light to burn into the glass plates so I doubt this photo because you do not see any signs of movement in her face (blurring). They used to have stands to keep your neck and head still because the actual process of the picture being created took a long time so the short instant of a sneeze shown here would not have had time to create such a strong image, plus moving at all would have caused blurring and it is quite hard to not move when you sneeze. there is a possible sign of movement above her shoulder, but I don’t know, this seems unlikely to me…

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    Christian Hidaka

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    Man Ray ~ “Pisces”, 1938