1. neopets back offline when will the madness end???? o=


  2. neopets is back online i can stop crying now


  3. neopets still offline what up with that


  4. poboh:

    Femme aux arbres, Francis Picabia. French (1879 - 1953)

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  5. pixography:

    Naoto Hattori


  6. The Newburyport Needlework Picture, c.1810, an elegant scene embroidered entirely in silk, is displayed as part of the Improvement theme. This work is thought to be the work of an anonymous nine-year old Newburyport girl.”


  7. martinlkennedy:

    Illustration by Denis Dugas from the book ‘The World’s Last Mysteries’ (1978)

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  8. pixography:

    Rene Magritte



  10. pixography:

    Anita Kunz ~ "Juggler"

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  11. but at the same time you know it’s like wahoo this is the best ride ever!!!! And I truly believe that but ya know I’m sick of the loopityloop i like log flumes better


  12. I always feel silly and stupid and like a little kid and just ugh I’m so sick of myself I see why everyone else is too


  13. alternativeart:

    Vladimir Kush
    selected by Alternative Art

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  14. samwolfeconnelly:


    Sam Wolfe Connelly

    13 new pieces for my show ‘Nocturne’ opening Friday, Feb 8th at Roq La Rue in Seattle, WA

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