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    Martine Johanna

    "Under the Moon"

    Graphite and Lacquer on Wood Panel

    60 cm x 50 cm 

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  2. essam marouf

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  3. friendly with everyone, friends with no one


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  5. life should be just making sure everybody is comfortable all the time, yourself included


  6. a picture of me eating a pickle


  7. pixography:

    Jiansong Chen


  8. katara:

    its kind of sad that the sun is going to engulf the solar system one day 


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    Body comparisons. 

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    The universe was formed by sound/ light vibrations. All is vibration. We are the light body; the energy. So all experience relates to the energy/ frequency that we are operating with. As you raise frequency, you raise consciousness. Your destiny is in your hands. You are the universe created by your thought-forms, ideas. We do not live in the universe. We are the universe. ✨

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  12. Persian Miniature painting

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  13. reblog if you’re a piece oF SHIT WHO SHOULD BE FUCKING PRACTICING FUCK


  14. Haiku #62

    Every face I see
    wears different colors of pain(t);
    I’m just paint water..